I promise that you are not alone....

Dr. David Jockers

There are millions, just like you, trying to combat the same symptoms of leaky gut, such as:

Chronic diarrhea, constipation or bloating



Widespread inflammation

You came back today because you know there is this painful and embarrassing gut problem that needs to be solved. Don’t make the same mistake I did and suffer daily for 2 years!


Please don’t take my word for it, see what just a few Gut Reseters are saying about us…




“I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis 9 years ago and my life has been a com-plete stand still since then. I have had loose, bloody stools, brain fog, depression, painful joints chronic fatigue and overall weakness. I tried over 8 different medi-cations for over 3 years without any results.


I tried all the nutrition programs including the blood type diet, metabolic typing diet, breaking the vicious cycle diet and every other program you can imagine. I got some temporary relief but not of these programs provided a lasting solution.


I was at the end of my rope when I decided to start Dr lockers program. As I started on this program I lost weight and got to 123 lbs (I am 5′ 11″), which wor-ried me, but then I noticed my bowel movements were getting better. I slowly gained weight, had less pain and more energy.


After three weeks I no longer had loose stools, my brain fog was clearing, and I was beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Fast forward 4 months later and I currently weigh 170 pounds and gaining (mostly muscle). I have no brain fog, joints feel great and have healthy bowel movements (I have found a new appreciation for bawd movements).


I can say without a doubt I am sitting here today feeling healthy and hopeful about my future because of Dr. lockers. Thanks Doc! “




” Dr. Jockers, thank you so much for your Digestive Health Restoration Program! I started this program with low energy, brain fog, tired every afternoon, severe rashes on my hands, adrenal fatigue, and many other small issues affecting my quality of life. This program was very comprehensive, covering every aspect of digestive health. A program like this can be overwhelming, but it was very well laid out and easy to follow. From the facebook group and daily emails to the guide books and videos, I felt very equipped and supported. The recipes and meal plans are probably the biggest piece that helped me make it through such a restrictive diet. 


I’m not sure I would have known where to start cutting out onions, garlic, broccoli, asparagus, and many of the foods I normally eat those first few weeks. I still have some healing to do, but the biggest changes I’ve seen are more energy throughout the day and better sleep at night. I also have much more patience and calm in stressful situations, which I think is a sign that my adrenals are healing. I also feel very empowered to know what steps to take as I continue to heal, along with a vast library of resources to refer back to. I highly recommend this program! 

I’m here to give you HOPE.


TODAY ONLY because you came back… I’m offering you my 30 day gut reset at the lowest price I can give!

That’s right: just $27 and it is all yours!



I know this may all sound like a fantasy that could never come true, but I promise you it’s not only possible… it’s almost certain to become reality if you follow the 30-Day Gut Reset.

Stay motivated, stay on track, and get the best results possible..


The 30-Day Gut Reset Program

+ 6 Free Bonus Gifts

Total Value: $445

Normal Price: $97

Your Exclusive Price: $37 $27

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Stop the embarrassment, stop the pain, GET YOUR LIFE BACK NOW! Take advantage of the lowest price I will ever be giving my best selling 30 day gut reset today!

30-Day Full Money Back Guarantee

Go ahead and start your 30-Day Gut Reset today. Follow along through all three phases and see for yourself how much better you begin to feel.


Then, if for some reason you don’t get the relief you expect, simply contact my support team within 30 days for a full refund, no questions asked.


This means you can go through the entire 30-Day Gut Reset and still get your money back. That’s how much I believe in the effectiveness of this program. I stand behind it 100%.

6 Free Bonus Gifts

These extra resources include:


The Complete Stomach Acid Guide for Optimal Digestion ($20 value)

One of the most common underlying problems I see with individuals dealing with digestive and auto-immune problems is low stomach acid. It is immensely important to correct this first in order to get well. This booklet will show you exactly how to do that!


30-Day Digestive Health Journal ($10 value)

This is designed to help you track key health indicators such as energy levels, pain levels, quality of bowel movements, brain function, and more. It also allows you to reflect on what foods may be irritating your system and what is supporting it.

30 Day Digestive Health Journal

Leaky Gut Diet & Shopping Guide ($10 value)

This is your quick start guide that gives you a recommended foods list and nutritional parameters if you’re dealing with a leaky gut.


Digestive Health Quick Snack List ($10 value)

This is a list of great snack alternatives that fit into the 30-Day Gut Reset nutrition principles. You will love the simple substitutions and ideas you get from this guide.

Quick Snack List

Ileocecal Valve Massage Guide ($20 value)

Ileocecal valve massage can be extremely helpful for chronic digestive conditions. This simple maneuver can effectively reduce gas, bloating, cramping, diarrhea, and constipation.


The Digestive Health Quiz ($10 value)

This quiz looks at key symptoms involved in digestive health and inflammation. You will take this quiz each week to chart improvement in how you feel over your 30-day reset.

Health Quiz

When you add it all up, you’ll see you’re getting $445 worth of guides, training videos, shopping lists, and daily emails.


The 30-Day Gut Reset Program

+ 6 Free Bonus Gifts

Total Value: $445

Normal Price: $97

Your Exclusive Price: $37 $27

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Dr. David Jockers

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, this program is designed most specifically for individuals suffering from SIBO and we also have a few special tweaks based on the kind of SIBO you are dealing with.

A: Yes, I believe it will be life transforming for you. This is my go-to program for individuals suffering with these same exact problems.

A: No, this program is designed around specific nutrition programs, detoxification strategies, and advanced healing techniques.


I do recommend certain supplements that may improve speed of healing and overall results, but there is no requirement to purchase anything.

A: In Phase I, we recommend coming off of all probiotics, but in Phases II and III we recommend probiotics. If you feel as though you are getting excellent results with your current supplements, then I encourage you to continue to take them.

A: This program was designed after 10 years of experience helping thousands of others overcome their digestive challenges.


Rather than just having you eat healthy whole foods and taking probiotics, this program uses modified elimination diets and tolerance testing as you slowly reintroduce certain highly fermentable foods to learn which foods are best used by your body.


At the end of this 30-day program you should understand a lot about your own body, the foods you respond to best, and what foods you should avoid for a period of time.

A: Most people notice improved digestion, better bowel movements, more energy, better hormonal balance, less pain, and improved skin, brain function, mood, memory, and sleep.


It is really remarkable what I have seen happen over the years with many different clients. This is a classic program that I use with autoimmune patients, those with depression/anxiety, and individuals with digestive challenges.

A: Unfortunately, we are unable to guarantee that everyone is going to have great results. However, I feel so confident in this program that I am willing to give you a full refund within 30 days if you don’t feel like the program was successful for you.

A: It is going to be very challenging to do this program if you are traveling.


If it is just one long weekend during your Reset, it’s still possible. But if you’re going to be traveling more than three days in the next month, then I would recommend waiting to start until you have 30 days with fewer traveling demands.

A: You will email me (Dr Jockers) personally and I will address your questions and get you the best possible solutions and an explanation so you can understand what is taking place.

A: Yes, you can exercise during this program. In fact, I strongly recommend it. Based on your health history we can advise on what type of exercise would be best.


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