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It’s Dr Jockers here again. With your new 30 Day Gut Reset, you’re going to be overjoyed with your results. In just a few weeks, like thousands of my rejoicing clients and patients, you’re going to feel like a brand new person.


It won’t be long now. Instead of feeling fatigued, unmotivated, and downright embarrassed of what’s been happening to your body, you’ll be standing tall.

Dr Jockers

Just imagine it:

I know this. I’ve seen it hundreds of times. I’ve received emails and phone calls saying “Doc, you’ve finally put your finger on it!”  I’m thrilled when I receive these messages. I share them with my wife and other patients.


They bring us so much joy. We really are making a difference in people’s lives, naturally, and it all starts with having just a little curiosity, like you did, to read pages like this one you’re looking at now. Now about that curiosity…


I noticed something else that shocked me:

Some Of My Patients Were Skipping Steps
And Relapsing Back Into indigestion!

***Let me explain.*** See, phase 2 of the 30 Day Gut Reset is CRUCIAL. This is when we rebuild your gut lining. It’s so important, because this is a vulnerable stage. This is right after we “cleared out” some of the gut flora.


So your digestion is in a temporary state of weakness. 


This is important to note.  We don’t want bad bacteria to creep in and ruin our whole gut reset, or make things worse. 


That’d be awful. If that happens, we might find ourselves back down the confusing rabbit hole of gut health problems, bloating, gas, weight gain, embarrassment and feeling worried about what’s wrong with our bodies… falsely assuming the gut reset didn’t work. 


That’s why it’s absolutely necessary that we choose a broad spectrum of high quality probiotics.


Only one problem:  It’s just not that easy. I’m sure you’re seeing probiotics everywhere and have even tried a brand or two. Unfortunately, it’s just not that easy to know which are high quality probiotics, and which are just bunk. That’s why I’m here to tell you…

There Are 3 Kinds Of Probiotics
I recommend You MUST Avoid:

Type I: Probiotics without PREbiotics

Cheap probiotics are everywhere. They’re cheap because they usually don’t work. 


Flush. Do you hear that?


That’s the sound of your hard-earned money going down the drain, quite literally, when you take these cheap probiotics. The biggest reason cheap probiotics fail and disappoint people is:


Probiotics need to eat! See in order for these good gut health critters to grow and heal your gut, they need food, and not just any food. See, sugar and sweets will feed the bad probiotics that can cause painful ulcers, gas, bloating and indigestion. No, the good probiotics need a very particular type of food, called a “prebiotic.” 


Scientists have narrowed down the EXACT type of fibers that fuel the good probiotics, ensuring they win the battle in your belly and go to work healing your gut.


*Note* It’s also crucial that these prebiotics are organic.  Organic means no pesticide was used on them.  Glyphosate, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and other chemicals actually KILL the good probiotics. This defeats the whole purpose. 


So watch out for probiotics with no prebiotics AND make sure those prebiotics are organic, free of pesticides.

Type II: Probiotics without clinically proven strains

I’m a nerd. I read the labels on EVERYTHING, and then I go home and research. If you don’t like reading academic journals and deciphering technical jargon, well you’re in luck. I’ve done the dirty work for you.


It turns out:  many of the top-selling probiotic supplements have cheap strains that haven’t been proven to do anything. Sad, I know. Once again, that’s why they’re cheap. The good news is loads of research has been done on the BEST probiotic strains. There are even some strains shown to:

Proven Probiotics Strains

Those are the benefits you want… So you want to find probiotics with solid peer-reviewed research supporting them.  Keep reading and I’ll show you EXACTLY how to find them.  First, the final type of probiotics you absolutely must avoid are:

Type III: Dead Probiotics

They should be ALIVE. This is really important. Like you saw above: The whole purpose of probiotics revolves around the word ‘biotics,’ meaning ‘life.’  Most probiotics are sitting in a gelatine capsule literally DYING on the shelf. If you grab a bottle of probiotics, open them up, and see ‘plastic-looking’ capsules, guess what?


They’re croaking. They’re dying, if not already dead.

See, those ‘plastic-looking’ capsules are made of plant or animal gelatin, because they’re supposed to dissolve in your stomach. That’s great for vitamins. However, when probiotics are inside these capsules, they die! They eat through the gelatin capsule walls and dry out from the oxidation once they encounter the air.


Ouch. They’re literally dissolving as soon as the probiotic is packaged. They essentially die a slow, painful death, choking on the oxygen that seeps through.




That’s the sound of your money again, going down the drain, after you spent it on probiotics that died on the shelf.


Another critical example of dead probiotics? …When the probiotics are just too weak. They are bacteria after all, and not all bacteria are created equal.  Most bacterial strains are so weak in fact, that they, again, DIE too early. Even if they survive the eternal purgatory of choking on a shelf, they eventually meet their maker at the hands of your bubbling stomach acid!  A gruesome death.




Again, that’s the sound of probiotics that died in your stomach acid being flushed down the drain, along with your hard-earned cash money.


Worse than the financial loss, you miss out on healing your gut and wonder why the old symptoms come rushing back. That’s a very sad and confusing place to be.

That’s why I want you to know:

Now There’s a revolutionary new type of probiotic that solves this “dying probiotic” problem and meets both of my other requirements:

It’s called Balance.

Tear open a stick and pour it on your tongue!

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Guaranteed living probiotics with organic prebiotics, clinically proven benefits, and placed directly on the tongue for maximum absorption and ultra resilience.

It’s crucial that probiotics survive. Our saliva and our stomach acid destroy most probiotic supplements before they can have an effect, and that’s IF they survive the shelf!  Even after all that, then the probiotics themselves need to eat the right organic prebiotics to flourish and heal your gut. Good news in that case:



Balance has:

Reduced bloating, abdominal pain, improved gastrointestinal health, better ‘elimination’ regulation, more healthy gut flora & more!

Cat Y.

Cat Y.


“I love taking balance every morning. I keep it on my nightstand and pop it in my mouth right after brushing my teeth – no juice, no water, just straight. To me, it tastes like Captain Crunch cereal which reminds me of my childhood.”

***When combined with healthy diet and exercise. Results not typical and may vary. This customer may have received free product in exchange for an honest review.

Davina P.

Davina P.


“Today I’m on 3 weeks of Balance and wOW AmaZîNg.  I love it.  I feel blessed for having the chance to try it. I feel like I’m living a new life .. I’m also buying another box subscription.”

***When combined with healthy diet and exercise. Results not typical and may vary. This customer may have received free product in exchange for an honest review.

Nicole H.


“Balance is the perfect name for this supplement. My husband and I are both taking this daily and after two weeks we can both tell a difference in our daily digestion. Perfect for anyone who wants to keep their gut healthy in one easy daily supplement.”

***When combined with healthy diet and exercise. Results not typical and may vary. This customer may have received free product in exchange for an honest review.

Amber S.


“I was very skeptical at first. I thought this powder would be chalky with a poor taste. So happy to be wrong! The mixture dissolves on my tongue much better than I had expected with a delicious taste.  Highly recommend trying Balance.”

***When combined with healthy diet and exercise. Results not typical and may vary. This customer may have received free product in exchange for an honest review.

Ready to try Balance?

Ready to finally say goodbye to that bloating, abdominal pain and “icky” feeling that nobody else could explain, and at last feel the relief of healthy digestion, a great mood and improved confidence you used to have?

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